Arctic Climate Change, Nature, and Indigenous Culture Photography




Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award at BookExpo in New York City in 2011, Arctic Visions was commissioned by the Makivik Corporation, which represents the Inuit of Nunavik, Canada. Makivik's mandate is to promote and preserve Inuit culture in northern communities. Arctic Visions showcases the land, sea, wildlife, and people of their beautiful homeland.

“This gorgeous full color collection of images and poetic descriptions of the beauty of the land, the sea, the wildlife, and the people near the top of the world in the Canadian arctic is stupendous. Photographer and author Stephen Gorman has truly captured the majesty and drama of the land's apex predators, polar bears; the monumental mountains of Baffin Island; Inuit villages; the Aurora borealis; and the vast expanse of land between the sky and the sea. Arctic Visions - Encounters at the Top of the World is a photographic winner that perfectly captures this beautiful land.” -IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judge



Published by Rizzoli-Universe in 1999 and featuring a foreword by America's preeminent science writer David Quammen, author of Spillover and The Song of the DodoThe American Wilderness made best seller lists nationally and in Great Britain in both hardcover and softcover formats. 

"Steve Gorman's work is not only about the value and splendor of our landscape, it is also a journey of discovery of broader human ties to the land and its relation to our physical and mental well being."
-Stephen R. Kellert, Professor of Social Ecology, Yale University, and author (with E.O.Wilson) of The Biophilia Hypothesis.


Finalist for the IPPY Award at BookExpo in Los Angeles in 2003 and featuring a foreword by bestselling novelist and nature writer Rick Bass, Northeastern Wilds presented the Appalachian Mountain Club's stance on protection of the 26 million acre Great Northern Forest of New York and New England. The book earned letters of praise from Senator Hillary Clinton of New York; Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire; Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont; and Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine.

"In any real wilderness, it is always wise to choose a good guide. Steve Gorman makes a fine guide through the beauties and conflicts of the northeastern wilderness. Northeastern Wilds adds an important voice to the growing chorus howling for the protection of our precious American wilderness."
-Jeff Rennicke, National Geographic Traveler Magazine


Published by the University Press of New England in 2007, Thoreau's New England is a selection of the wit and wisdom of Henry David Thoreau paired with the color photographs of Stephen Gorman. Thoreau's New England was made into a video by the cutting-edge Portland, Oregon clothing manufacturer, Nau and featured on the company's website.

"A book for all seasons, Thoreau's New England, depicts an adventurer's New England, from gray frozen peaks to silvered ponds to aquamarine waves washing over blue-tinged sand under an azure sky. The quotations range from a spare sentence to a fat paragraph, nothing too heavy, but always something to make you think, especially when paired with one of Gorman's colorful photographs. He pairs "Give me a Wildness whose glance no civilization can endure ..." with a sunset over a pond the sky so many shades of pink, orange and yellow, the trees so dark, the pond so red, it'll take your breath away." 
Concord Monitor


Published by Voyageur Press in 2006, Wild New England, a large-format full-color coffee table book, is Stephen Gorman's personal tribute to his home region.

"True to its title, Wild New England, its 200-odd photos include scarcely any signs of humans or human habitation, and very few creatures of any kind. Just page after page of the kinds of woodsy, watery, snowy, rocky, leafy scenes we yearn to escape into - and can, thanks to this book, at a moment's notice."
—Providence Journal



Now in its fourth edition, thoroughly revised, and just published once again (fall, 2016) by W.W. Norton, The Winter Camping Handbook has sold tens of thousands of copies over the last 25 years and is considered the best source of information on winter wilderness travel skills. Originally published as The AMC Guide to Winter Camping by the Appalachian Mountain Club, this perennial bestseller has been in print continuously since 1991!

“Most people think of winter as a season of limits, but to wilderness enthusiasts, it's a season of possibilities. Cold and snow work better than any backcountry permit system to keep wild areas wild, and remoteness begins just out of earshot of the nearest road. If you've grown frustrated jostling for solitude at your favorite alpine lake in summer, try skiing there in winter. Chances are it'll be all yours. Learn how to tackle adventurous winter trips with The Winter Camping Handbook by Stephen Gorman.” 
—Sierra Magazine